Hi there! I'm Ashton. I help people strengthen their relationships and become the best versions of themselves through the framework of the Enneagram.

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Typing Session


how can i help you discover your true self through the enneagram?

Coaching Sessions


This 45 minute session is designed to help you get closer to figuring out your enneagram type. I send you a test, you send me the results, and I design interview questions specific to your top scores. I then spend the time asking you specific questions and listening to key words or phrases that sound like a specific Enneagram Type.


Following the typing session, these ongoing sessions will provide clarity, support, and focus areas to encourage self-development and personal growth.

Think of it as an exploration into your Enneagram type and personal coaching to help you use your strengths to reach your goals.


45 min. session 


8 30 minute sessions or 4 60 minute sessions


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Relationship Coaching

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Used to answer questions you may have for me, specifically about Enneagram coaching. This is an opportunity to get to know me and my coaching style,

AND for me to get to know YOU!

Strengthen your relationships through Enneagram coaching! These 30 min./60 min. sessions help you to better understand each other and to identify your motivations for doing things using the framework of the Enneagram. When we know better, we can do better.

8 30 minute sessions or
4 60 minute sessions


20 minute session

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Learn more about me, my Enneagram type and how I ended up serving people through the Enneagram platform.


Join my sister and me as we discuss all things Enneagram and pop culture!


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